Rovani Engineering & Manufacturing S.r.l. has a strong corporate identity combining reputation and tradition in the slaughtering plant planning, building and installation activities thanks to a new business initiative based on solid foundations. It was recently purchased by the company S.B.Impianti Srl, registered office in Montichiari (Bs) (, specialising in poultry farms. The President of the Board of Directors and President of both companies is Mr. Pelizzari Giuseppe.
A long experience in its sector – derived from both partners and in-house personnel - leads Rovani E. & M. to be considered today’s leading firm in Italy and Europe in the slaughtering sector and in the treatment of red meat, such as bovine, horse, pork, sheep and goat meat and white meat such as chicken, turkey and duck.
Skilled personnel allow developing and proposing the best technical solutions for slaughtering problems to ensure maximum safety and the best quality to customers. Such results are achieved through constant research and are tested at the largest slaughterhouses in Italy and abroad.
Rovani E. & M. employs skilled experts who can deal with the full plant planning and building process in collaboration with the customer’s staff and the relevant local health authorities so as to obtain the EU health certification.
ROVANI E & M. builds its systems in full compliance with the EEC and USDA health regulations:
• its choices are aimed streamlining processes;
• its projects are developed according to methods and procedures that allow the detailed recording of technical and technological choices;
• its production is achieved through well-known, formalised, coded and controlled cycles which in the first place ensure their traceability (and consequently a remarkable product quality) and the management of any non-compliant products;
• it develops installation, start-up and servicing activities mainly focussing on the customer’s needs.

The plant installation and start-up are fully implemented by skilled ad-hoc trained staff who has achieved a long experience in the specific sector.
At a later stage, the same staff will support customers in their plant maintenance and set-up.
The customers of Rovani E. & M. enjoy guaranteed 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-per-year assistance.
A modern and rich in-house warehouse of spare parts is present to ensure immediate customer servicing according to specific needs.
Moreover, ROVANI E. & M. can propose solutions and projects to its customers to supply turn-key plants. In such specific cases, customers may agree different terms of purchase and/or servicing with ROVANI E. & M.
The development of its activities and constant research allowed ROVANI to achieve the highest quality and production standards; more in particular:
• Bovine slaughtering establishments reaching a production of up to 80 adult cattle heads/hour
• Pig slaughtering establishments reaching a production of up to 500 heads of stock/hour
• Sheep slaughtering establishments reaching a production of up to 600 heads of stock/hour
• White meat slaughtering establishments reaching a production of up to 10,000 heads of poultry/hour

The Rovani E. & M. product range is comprehensive and reliable during all slaughtering and meat sectioning stages.
In addition to Italy, the main countries where the company normally operates include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Yemen,



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